St. William

St. William Mission Church

219 Cardinal Street
Sanderville, GA 31082

Mass Schedule:

Wednesday 6:00 PM
Sunday 7:30 AM

Holy Days of Obligation:

Mass times to be announced.


Wednesday 5 PM

Directions to Church

St. Williams Parish Life Committee:

  • Mike Rice
  • Linda Veal
  • Roxanne Rice
  • David Zaenglein
  • Jaris Zaenglein
  • Tita Sanders

Church History:

The church was established in 1870.

in 1879 the Church was destroyed in a violent storm and a new one was finished in 1885. It is presumed that the original foundation was used for the this church and that the present pews and perhaps the stained glass is from the first church.

it is difficult to tell from records the actual size of the congregation at any time in the early years.

St. Williams as a mission church will only monthly services, then in the 1950’s there were twice monthly services. In 1960, the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity assumed responsibly of the administration of the church and in 1962 weekly services began at the church.